About Us

Tired of keeping track of innumerable sub-sub-sub-genres of electronic music? Listen to ValtraxysBlue, electronic music that just can’t be shoved into any one category. ‘Ambient’, ‘trance’, ‘techno’ – the names are simply too limiting, and hardly begin to describe the sonic palette you’ll experience when you listen.

ValtraxysBlue’s collection of work takes some describing… because it’s not like anything else you may have heard. It has elements of trance and techno, and a bit of ambient, but that only describes some of the canvas and colors used… the finished sound goes a lot further, and might be best described as ‘mystical’. That is, perhaps, the best way to experience the music – to simply breathe it as an atmosphere.

One difference between the pieces by ValtraxysBlue and other electronica is that Bart’s music goes somewhere. Sure, it’s true his multi-faceted stylings are equally good for dancing, reading, or just plain listening, but unlike a lot of electronic music these days, they’re never bland. His music is reminiscent of some of the better, more progressive film scores, because it is so evocative.

ValtraxysBlue was started in 1988 by Bart Harlan as a band name for recording electronic music. His initial interest in this type of music came in 1982 when he first heard the album ‘Audion’ by Synergy, followed by other bands such as Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. Several home recordings were produced from 1986 through 1996, and were only given to friends and family – some of those recordings are in the Archives pages.

Enough interest was generated simply by word-of-mouth to initiate production of the first CD, Peace/Force, in late 1997. That CD was followed by other ‘albums’ Cyclotron, Optivetica, Coppermine, and some later work.

ValtraxysBlue is not associated with any record label, because the internet allows the band direct contact to a worldwide market.

The name ValtraxysBlue – pronounced roughly “fall-TRACK-sis-Blue” – was made up only to sound interesting and surreal, and has no particular meaning.

Other future projects of ValtraxysBlue Electronic Entertainment may include music videos, independent films, or web-based productions. There are no current plans for live performances. Stay tuned to this site for further developments.