“I’ve come a long way, maybe…”

All songs in these archive pages were recorded between 1986 and 1996, later collected into three homemade CDs based on general type. Hard/Weird are the best examples of ValtraxysBlue’s industrial and bizarre songs, Regulare are the more mainstream songs, and Spacial 2 are the more atmospheric (between neoclassical, “newage”, and planetarium music).

Instruments include first the Korg Poly 800, followed by the Yamaha DX7 & FB01, Ensoniq Mirage & EPS samplers, Alesis HR16 and Quadrasynth, Roland R5 & D5, and various other effects and devices. Sequencing was done first on the Poly800 256-step sequencer, then the Alesis MMT8, then Cakewalk (version 3 – the old midi only version, not Sonar). Audio was usually recorded direct to a (original model) Tascam Porta-One four-track cassette – without benefit of EQ, compression, gates, and most mixing technology.