Spacial 2

Dragonslayer II
spring 1991
Written for Peter Lieuwen’s 20th Century Music Composition class, and ‘performed’ (via Alesis MMT8 and Roland D5) for the class spring recital.


Lack Of Alignment
~early 1987
The bassline was Poly800-sequenced, with drums manually multitracked in later by Scott Webb. The long ‘twang’ sounds (both forwards & backwards) were from a simple homemade string-box instrument.


Epsilon 4
Inspired by the Synergy/Larry Fast “Delta” experiments on his “Games” album.

Deep Forest


Brimstone Glacier
late 1986
The only completely “acoustic” ValtraxysBlue song, played entirely on the homemade string-box heard in “Lack Of Alignment” – run through tons of reverb, back- and forward-tracked on the Tascam Porta-One.

Inspired by certain ideas from John Cage,, via Peter Lieuwen’s 20th Century Music Composition class.

A revisit of Gravidon

Nebula + Crystalline Drift