Space Starter (Home)

BeraTech (Balance)

Moebius (88mm)

Uncle V (Ray)

Been A Bad Boy (SwingSet)

Resort To Work (Roach Motel)

Fishmonger (Group R)

Start Slogan (Maranello)

Expreso (No Phone)

Pool Break (Fast)

Slow Grime (Everybody Knows)

Airship Queen (Pearlescent)

Space Starter (Rebuild HG)

Liner notes in the CD

First and foremost, thanks to the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit!

Professional thanks to: Brad Caudle – Lago Villa Studios, Tim Money – Randy’s Music Mart, Jam Music, H&H Music & Guitar Center, Roland, Alesis, E-Mu, Ensoniq, & Korg products, Big Fish & EastWest Samples, EastCoPro duplication.

Also, thanks to: Peter Lieuwen, Jim Rauscher, KACV, KTRU, KDGE, Mr. Keithley, Mr. Cale, Mr. Vance & Mrs. Williams.

Musical inspiration – thanks to: Larry Fast – Synergy, Dead Can Dance, Bel Canto, Front 242, Art Of Noise, King’s X, Rush, Yes, Debussy, Xenakis, Stravinsky, Bartok, Grieg, and to everyone who inventively improves music.

Personal thanks to: my parents, sister, and the rest of my family, all of my friends who have listened to me over the years, and to you, for listening to my music now.

These songs were written in 1997 at my (former) apartment in Conroe, TX, except ‘Resort to Work’ which was originally written in 1986, and versions were recorded under the names “Roach March” and “Roach Dance”. The bonus remix of ‘Space Starter’ was requested by Hermez Guzman.

All tracks were recorded and mixed to DAT at the apartment, then mastered to CD by Brad Caudle at Lago Villa Studios.