(minor profanity warning in vocals)

While learning much about mixing in Reaper forums and elsewhere, ValtraxysBlue did some remixes of other artists’ songs.

Look And Feel Much Bigger and Overreacting
BradSucks releases all his music and source tracks under “copyleft”, where other artists are free to reuse them. These two remixes are from his first album I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. ValtraxysBlue first heard of him when demo tracks for Making Me Nervous were included in earlier releases of Reaper.

Promises and Lies
One Sound on Sound magazine article showed how they improved a mix of a song by Johnny Locke, and linked to the source tracks for others to do the same.

ZamarZak 220
On the Reaper forums, Mrung released the source tracks for ZamarZak and asked others to remix them.